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Beware of High Risk Experts
High Risk Agents Abound

Is it just us or does anyone else notice that high-risk merchant accounts experts are, well, everywhere nowadays? An expert is supposed to be a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge in a particular area, but we’d swear:

  • They’re putting High-Risk Expert certificates in cereal boxes
  • Someone is selling High-Risk Expert badges at flea markets
  • Some diploma mill must be offering a street-credited High-Risk Expert degree program…online

Reasons why someone might not be qualified to claim High-Risk Expert status:

  • If they use Gmail and a cell phone for everything – they might also live with their parents
  • If you can’t find them on the web or the domain is parked at GoDaddy – a Facebook page is not a company website
  • If they’re involved in a lot of other (unrelated) businesses – this one might be the hobby
  • If most recent jobs involved fitness, modeling, fast food, or a major department store – this should be self-explanatory
  • If the experience is measured in months vs. decades – they have not seen it all
  • If most of the advice focuses on methods of deceit to circumvent industry regulations – at some point, you will be deceived as well
  • If details about the acquiring relationships are vague and fluid – expect the same, sooner or later, re: your money

We don’t claim to be High-Risk Experts, and we admit we can’t help everyone. Some merchants are in Chargeback Hell for good reason. We’re experienced High-Risk Professionals that have helped more than a few legitimate businesses mitigate risks, get a second chance, get off the chargeback monitoring programs and stay out of trouble.

A High-Risk Professional:

  • Will have in-depth knowledge within the industry and take the time to evaluate your company’s viability
  • Provides practical advice on how to strengthen your application package to put your best foot forward
  • Offers guidance within industry regulations and best practices to optimize transaction processing and mitigate risks
  • Has direct relationships and only recommends acquiring partners that will knowingly accept companies that match your business characteristics and merchant category

Just because someone is willing to try to get anything approved (yeah, we’re talking about all of the stuff that all of the other smart banking professionals already declined), does not make them a High-Risk Expert. It simply means they may not have learned enough hard lessons yet, and we hope you can avoid becoming a casualty of the learning curve.

For professional assistance obtaining a high-risk merchant account, call +1-800-550-1303 or contact PayPrin online today.

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