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Understanding the increasingly complicated payment processing landscape can be tricky, PayPrin wants to help merchants get a better grip on key terms and definitions. With the following collection of PayPrin resources, merchants can find answers to their pressing questions and curate a better understanding of how payment processing works. While these pages might not answer every question, they are a good starting point for covering basic gaps in knowledge.

For more information on payment processing and how it can affect your businesses, refer to these pages:

High-Risk Merchant Category Codes (MCC)

Merchant category codes help define what category a business falls into based on a high-level description of the goods or services sold by the merchant. Some businesses can also be classified into a high-risk MCC that often requires special registration and additional monitoring from the credit card associations. The High-Risk Merchant Category Codes page provides a description of common high-risk MCC codes.

Payments Industry Resources

Maintaining current knowledge of the credit card rules and regulations is nearly impossible, as each card association maintains separate regulations that are constantly evolving. PayPrin’s Payments Industry Resources page provides links to these regulations and guidelines for merchants to research and better acquaint themselves with specific topics. Site Map

If merchants can’t find the exact page they’re looking for on the PayPrin site, the Site Map page is a good place to start. It lists every page on the site in a bulleted list for ease in finding whatever resources are required.

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