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ACH (Automated Clearing House) is still a widely used, solid and secure payment solution for merchants that offers electronic funds transfers between U.S. banks. This electronic network processes tens of billions of transactions each year, debiting and crediting bank accounts all across the country. Contrary to popular belief, some consumers still prefer to use their checking and/or savings accounts to pay for their purchases. ACH is accepted for phone and online payments and is a less expensive payment method for merchants. Additionally, the window of opportunity for a consumer to dispute a purchase is much shorter with ACH than other payment methods, making it advantageous for merchants looking to mitigate losses.

Merchants can experience increased lift in revenues by adding ACH as a payment method and enjoy the automated features available including processing bounced checks, closed accounts and stop payments. Fraud screening and other tools are also available to assist with risk management.

ACH Solutions
Payment Principals offers a complete range of ACH processing solutions which include the following features:

  • Solutions for web based merchants
  • Services for mail order/telephone order merchants
  • Easy API integration
  • Simple representment of returned transactions
  • Recurring billing including tokenization
  • Simple-to-use web interface including virtual terminal
  • Batch upload capability

Increase your revenue today by contacting Payment Principals and asking for more information about ACH processing services.

PayPrin News

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