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On-demand payment gateway and merchant account placement options for businesses of all sizes

PayPrin offers multiple payment gateway options with easy connectivity to U.S. and international merchant accounts and the widest range of payment gateway features for e-commerce, mail order/telephone order and point of sale transactions.

The most common payment gateway features offered by PayPrin include support for traditional point-of-sale terminals, wireless devices, virtual terminals, hosted payment pages and select gateway emulations. Whether you are a large merchant needing connectivity to the gateway via a traditional API, a small merchant requiring an easy method to reach the gateway via a shopping cart, or someone in the middle using a full-service e-commerce platform like Woo Commerce or Shopify, rest assured that PayPrin has the payment gateway features that will meet your requirements.

  • Point of Sale Devices – Our gateways support a range of POS devices including Ingenico, Verifone, Globalcom and Miura.
  • Wireless Devices – We support a variety of wireless terminals including those that use cellular and Bluetooth technologies.
  • Virtual Terminal (VT) – All of our gateway solutions have a VT screen so you can key in your customer’s payment details. Best of all, VT is easy to use.
  • Hosted Payment Forms – Not integrated to a shopping cart and need the gateway to provide your customers with a payment form at checkout? No problem!
  • Gateway Emulation – Already integrated to another gateway and would like to use ours? We have solutions for you.
  • Recurring Billing – Need to bill your customers on a regular recurring cycle? You can set up a recurring schedule on the gateway.
  • Batch Upload – Tools are available to upload your transaction files to the gateway so you can process a large amount of transactions all at once.

Additionally, the PayPrin payment gateways have fraud detection capabilities that can be enabled by merchants on an as-needed basis provide support for multiple merchant accounts on a single gateway account, include batch file upload features and more.

Follow any of the links below to learn more about our advanced gateway features, or follow this link to Contact PayPrin today for more information on gateway options for you.

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