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Risk management, fraud scrubbing and loss prevention all describe an ongoing process of constant adaptation and vigilance that requires state-of-the-art fraud mitigation tools tuned to the specific merchant industry.

A basic tenet: Out-of-the-box fraud solutions do not work for everyone.

New merchants are often confused by product hype and experienced merchants quickly become frustrated with overly simplistic anti-fraud tools because there is no panacea or quick fix to the problem.

The wrong combination of ineffective tools and procedures can be expensive and painful.

PayPrin Risk Management Expertise

The PayPrin team has built and manages some of the most sophisticated risk management services and systems available on the market today. PayPrin delivers fraud prevention solutions customized to each client’s business model and unique requirements. This distinct fraud is often additionally segmented and tailored for the sales channel and/or product offered.


  • Minimize Fraud Losses
  • Reduce Customer Friction
  • Maximize Sales Conversion

The PayPrin staff helped pioneer early credit card fraud prevention techniques. Since 1989, the PayPrin team has been helping merchants prevent fraud and stay away from the card association chargeback monitoring programs by offering a complete suite of fraud detection tools and proprietary risk mitigation techniques.

Basic Tools

  • Address Verification (AVS), CID / CVV2 Verification
  • Verified by Visa (VbV), Mastercard SecureCode
  • Basic Spending Threshold Controls
  • Negative and Positive Databases
  • IP Address Geolocation

Advanced Tools

  • Advanced, Multi-Point Velocity (Spending) Controls
  • Fraud Scoring, Neural Scoring
  • Identity Verification, Account Vetting Systems
  • Expert Business Rules
  • Positive Profiling Techniques
  • User-Definable Business Rules, Databases and Custom Data Fields
  • Change Detection Rules, Anomalistic Pattern Detection
  • Card Identification, BIN Databases, BIN Geolocation
  • Compromised Card Databases
  • Device Identification

PayPrin believes – and this philosophy is affirmed by numerous PayPrin clients – that the company’s focus on risk management and high-quality service is what distinguishes the company from competitors. Please contact PayPrin for a more detailed discussion on the company’s capabilities and an assessment of how these solutions can be optimized to help your company prevent fraud with minimal consumer friction and maximum sales conversion.

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