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Comprehensive E-Commerce Services

The background and proven expertise of the PayPrin team at pioneering risk management systems for card-not-present merchants uniquely positions the group to deliver payment processing services and innovative e-commerce fraud control techniques to large Internet Payment Service Providers, Financial Institutions, Fortune 500 companies and industry e-Tailers.

PayPrin Experience

  • National Retail Brands
  • Software Developers and ISP’s
  • Media Publishing Companies
  • Social and Online Gaming Networks
  • Ticketing and Travel Merchants

E-Commerce Observations

  • Underwriting – bank application processors are not always up-to-date on disruptive technologies, so it might not be easy getting your multi-million dollar startup approved
  • A Global Presence – attracts new customers and the international criminals living nearby
  • Fraud Control – there is never too much of a good thing when people are stealing your products and unloading them below cost on auction websites
  • Foreign Customers – prefer to pay in local currencies, unfortunately so do most processors
  • Gateway Limitations – only become apparent after the integration project is complete so choose the right technology partner early
  • Mission-Critical Processing – skimp now, learn what it means, pay much more later

PayPrin Solutions for E-Commerce Clients

  • Top-Tier Acquiring Partners – extensive options and exceptionally competitive pricing
  • Future Proof Gateway Integrations – cost-effective solutions with integrated fraud control and comprehensive processor connectivity
  • Advanced Payment Features – take advantage of Tokenization, Zero Dollar Verifications, Partial Authorizations, Real-Time Voids and Real-Time Partial Settles
  • Enterprise Risk Management – minimize fraud and maximize approval rates using state-of-the-art tools and transaction logic crafted collaboratively with experts who support your business
  • Extensive Shopping Cart Support – fast and simple integrations with your favorite tools
  • Cross-Border Strategies – global customers can mitigate card processing expenses with hybrid (regional) acquiring relationships
  • Multi-Currency Processing and Multi-Currency Settlement – bill and get paid in multiple currencies without currency conversion fees

For more information on how PayPrin can help your e-commerce business minimize fraud, reduce expenses and increase approval rates, please contact PayPrin today.

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