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Premier Service for Challenging Merchant Categories

The PayPrin team expedites the process of searching for high-risk merchant accounts and ensures long term success by placing clients into carefully selected relationships with acquiring partners where PayPrin maintains well-established strategic partnerships to support high-risk merchants. Some examples of these categories include:

  • Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO)
  • Direct Marketing, Telemarketing
  • Business Opportunity, MLM, Network Marketing
  • Recurring Membership Programs
  • Online Dating, 5967 Accounts
  • Online Video Games, MMO, MMORPG, FPS
  • Stored Value, Virtual Currency, e-Wallet
  • IPSP, PSP, Payment Facilitators
  • Event Ticketing, Travel Agents, Airlines, Cruise Lines
  • Luxury Goods, Large Ticket Items
  • Health, Wellness and Nutraceuticals

Common Industry Challenges

  • Declined Business Types – most major banks are not set up to manage high-risk merchants and are simply unwilling to assume any liability for unfamiliar clients.
  • Excessive Fees and Reserves – if you are working through a broker who is working through a friend to get you a good deal…expect to get taken.
  • Sketchy Offshore Processors, Disreputable Characters – executing a contract with a company located in a third-world country, getting set up with a one-office “processor in the Islands” or doing business with companies located in places that do not have daily flights are usually not good places to put your money. If your “processor” is not a bank, anticipate inevitable problems collecting your deposits.
  • Bank or Portfolio Shutdown – it happens all too often. Aggressive high-risk processors that do not abide by card association rules get shutdown. Avoid companies advertising the ability to process business types prohibited by the card associations, as these processors will commonly lose their processing capabilities and your money.

Solutions for PayPrin Clients

  • Domestic and Offshore Acquiring Solutions – direct Merchant Agreements with strong U.S. and Western European Acquiring Banks that support all major Card Brands
  • Quick Start-Ups, Economy of Scale – smaller merchants can gain large company features with sub-account sponsorship under well-established and reputable PSP brands
  • Competitive Rates – an extensive range of options for the ideal placement with the appropriate acquiring partner
  • Proprietary Fraud Control Systems – designed for high-risk clients
  • Multi-Currency Billing, Multi-Currency Settlement – bill any customer, anywhere

Contact PayPrin today to find out how we can help you establish the most optimum acquiring solution for your business.

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