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Advanced Solutions for Telecom Merchants

The PayPrin team has been helping telecom merchants obtain low-cost merchant acquiring to efficiently process transactions and minimize chargebacks for over 20 years. PayPrin is highly experienced with the complexities of telecom billing, and we have enhanced our services to support the evolution of the telecom industry. Clients PayPrin supports include:

  • Telecom Operators
  • VoIP Service Providers
  • Prepaid Calling Card Vendors
  • Inmate Service Providers
  • IVR Platform Developers
  • PBX Systems Integrators
  • Mobile Carriers
  • Prepaid Cellular MVNO’s
  • Telemarketing/Call Center
  • Payphone Operators
  • Wifi Service Providers

Telecom Industry Billing Challenges

  • Incremental Billing – per-minute and usage-based billing require specific transaction functions to process efficiently
  • Recurring Subscription Management – monthly renewals and decline recapture increase PCI compliance scope
  • Prepaid Services / Account Funding – most acquiring banks are wary of the extended consumer liability associated with prepaid and top-up services and therefore either prohibit these merchants or abuse them with high-risk pricing
  • Multi-National Customer Base – international customers in new markets offer revenue growth, but limited verification techniques will threaten program success if chargebacks are not properly managed

Telecom Features

Examples of PayPrin features for Telecom merchants include the following:

  • Scalable, On-Demand Gateway Services – replace dedicated circuits and legacy batch processing systems with multi-threaded TCPIP connectivity to load-distributed infrastructure connected to all major processing networks
  • Advanced Risk Management – deploy custom fraud protection strategies with multi-pass (pre-call, post-call) screening to minimize fraud and maximize program revenue
  • Telecom Data Elements – incorporate ANI, dialing patterns, dialing countries, Info Digits, ESN’s, MEID’s, IMEI’s and other user-definable data elements into risk management filter criteria for expert results
  • Zero Dollar Verifications – verify card status before service provisioning
  • Partial Authorizations – capture available funds to maximize profitability on prepaid debit cards

PayPrin offers the most comprehensive suite of payment processing solutions for the telecom industry and has a lengthy record of proven success. For a consultation with a telco billing expert on how PayPrin can help your business, please contact PayPrin today.

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